Now Open

Please note that One Heart Care is limiting in-person visits and diagnostics test as of March 16,  2020 until further notice due to COVID-19.


Majority of previously scheduled appointments are being  rescheduled to virtual visits by phone or video. All patients will also be re-scheduled for an in-person visit at a future date if necessary.


We are still accepting referrals. Consultations and patients visits will be scheduled for virtual visits until they can be seen in person.

Click here to download a PDF version of our requisition form

One Heart Care offers Mississauga and the surrounding communities a complete solution to diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. We offer access to cardiology specialists’ care, including cardiac diagnostic testing.

Our contact information:
One Heart Care
Address: 1000 Middlegate Road, Second Floor,
Mississauga. Ontario. L4Y 1M3
Phone: (905) 804-7000
Fax: (905) 804-2250

Further information will soon be provided on this website.